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Our Clients are satisfied with our network of jobs and talent. Our trainees get value for their time and money and it makes us super proud and confident to keep going.

Why choose us

Here is the top reason people chose us in the past and why you should choose use to either get you prepared for your job hunting, talent hunting, Management or staff role.

Unique per Case

Every case is treated uniquely. Thera Consult is not run on copy and paste.

Flexibility of Time

Time for learning is largely dependent on the schedule of the trainee.


There is a great deal of communication with subjects of all kinds.

Lively Approach

Classes are not boring neither is our approach to any of our services.

Specialty Specific

We also consider the specialty of each Client. Talents are provided to fit.


We are detailed about the peculiarities and realities of each Client.

Based on 200 reviews
"I was treated person to person with so much attention I had to wonder how can this be. The Tutor acted like no otherr student existed but me. I am sure everyone gets this special treatment"
Emmy Watson
"As a very busy person I never thought I could get the time to hunt for a gig myself. Thera Consult virtually did all the work on my behalf. Still grateful that you guys exist"
Tania Frock
"My field is so unique I never thought I would find a placement. Thera Consult made me placable and did provide an array of options for placement for me. You simply rock"
Janet Brown
Dance Teacher
"For me it is the updates I got so timely with every progress the company made on my behalf. The process was full of life and that made me comfortable as a young person."
Gabriel Jones
"I spent the most part of my early days in business wondering why my company was not scaling. Thera Consult came into our lives and made us realize we got hiring wrong. And they fixed it."
Jordan Mike
"I had dedicated staff yet no results. We worked really hard yet no result. Then we engaged Thera Consult and saw a new level of productivity from the same team"
Emily Frank
High School Student
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